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Six reports are delivered with this package.  These include: Keyword Research, Keyword Rankings, Backlinks Analysis, Website Structure Audit, On-Page Optimization Audit, Search Engine View.  These reports are created as PDFs.

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Example reports

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Keyword Research

This report is run after we have done our keyword research and discovered the best keywords for your website to get the most visitors.  The report itself shows the competition and search volume for each keyword.

Keyword Rankings

The rankings report uses data from our Keyword Research report and shows exactly where your site is ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  This gives you a good idea of where you currently are, and where any traffic you might be getting already is coming from.  It also gives you a list of unranked keywords that you need to work on.


Backlinks Analysis

An analysis of your backlinks is important.  Most of your rankings for any keywords will come because of backlinks.  Any other website that has a link to your website is considered a backlink.  Whatever text they use to link to your site is called the Anchor Text.  These two things are the most important factors for ranking in all the search engines.


Website Structure Audit

This report shows you a lot of different information about your site.  You can see all of the basic information about your domain and its presense in social media.  More importantly though, you can see all of the errors in your html and css.  Fixing this is another huge ranking factor for your site.  This report gives you direct links to descriptions and examples of every coding/programming error on your site and idea of how to fix them.


On-Page Optimization Audit

On-page optimization is the second most important factor when it comes to ranking your site for certain keywords.  The pages on your site must contain the keywords you want to rank for, and content that is related to those keywords.  This report gives you actual percentages of just how optimizaed your website is.  It also gives the suggestions to fix any low ones, to help you rank better for your main keywords.


Search Engine View

This one shows you exactly what the search engines see when their automated bots visit your website.  Its a good idea to make sure the information in this report is exactly what you want them to see.


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Click the Buy Now button to purchase your reports.  Reports will be delivered within 72 hours.

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