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We’re Massachusetts Marketing, your trusted name in SEO services. Our team of SEO professionals have years of experience, helping small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals get their sites showing up on every major search engine. SEO is a great way to get more traffic to your site, and some customers start to see results in as little as a few months! SEO driven traffic is highly targeted, so the visitors you get are already wanting the services your website promotes, resulting in better conversion rates than traffic from ads. There are already people out there looking online for exactly what you’re selling, but it may be nearly impossible for them to find you! We bring these people to your website by learning what they’re searching for and helping you to target those terms.

Premium SEO Package

Keyword Research

The first first step of all SEO campaigns. During this phase we’re researching the search traffic generated by keywords related to your business or services, and comparing that to the overall competition. This includes strength of competition, how many competitors you are facing, and identity of competition. We also pay very close attention to all of what the competition have done to promote their business and are certain to give you the biggest competitive edge.

Ranking Reports

We watch over all of our customer’s sites and are continually looking out for changes (both good and bad) so we can respond accordingly. We email monthly reports to our clients to keep them updated. You really should know what is going on! We’re so proud of the results we create, we want to share that excitement with you too.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool used by SEO providers and webmasters to observe site traffic. It permits us to see precisely where your traffic is coming from and what viewers are interested in on your website. This allows us to customize our efforts perfectly to your web site at this point in the campaign, offering you the absolute best results.

Keywords: 4

Once we have completed all the work to locate valuable keywords that are relevant to your business, you need to select which ones you want to target. keywords are the key to an SEO campaign’s success. Keywords are the words and phrases users put into search engines. Every campaign gets a highly researched list of keywords which will gain you the most targeted traffic to your website, improving conversion rates and profits.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization essentially is the process of making changes to certain things on your website to improve usability and ensure it abides by current web standards. This adds authority to your site. This stage consists of an in-depth analysis of your site based primarily on the keywords identified in our research, current web standards for accessibility, and SEO best practices. Our company (if given access) will make these important changes, and offer you a detailed report on your present state of onsite optimization.

English Writers

Our writing staff consists of pro writers with English as their primary language. Our writers live and work in the US.

Blog Commenting

Using keywords from your campaign, we create topical comments on blog posts where suitable, including links to enhance, diversify, and build your back link profile. Clients may opt out of this if they would like. As with our other written content, blog comments are put together by native English speakers.

RSS Submission

Each piece of content generated for you gets put through several reputable RSS feed sites. This provides a large boost in back link quantity, as well as creating a diverse link profile.

Social Bookmarking

One of the largest recent shifts in the way search engines rank sites has been to pay more attention to “social signals” when calculating the authority of websites. Sites that get a lot exposure on social sites, such as bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit, are more likely to be interesting to users, and thus are given better search engine rankings. We get your website included in these important listings, increasing the quantity of links to your website and creating more opportunities for direct traffic.

Monthly Content Submissions: 25

Content Submission is the process of publishing new written content related to your keywords on article directories. Like every part of our SEO plans, there isn’t any automation. All submissions are made by hand, guaranteeing the best quality and near 100% acceptance rate from respected article directories, unlike most SEO providers.

Blog Posts: 2

All websites need a blog. Having consistent posts is vital to keeping the site crawlers returning for more. In addition to being great for your website’s SEO, posting relevant and useful content on your web site or blog is always a plus! The blog posts we create for our clients are carefully considered, speak to interesting and relevant issues, and are always the best quality.

Monthly Articles: 1

Every month, we create articles for every client. The articles we deliver contain topical, well thought out content which cover topics relevant to your site or product through keyword targeting, and in-text links. We send these articles to many writing communities and article repositories, always with SEO best practices in mind.

Our Company is one of the top SEO providers online. We have worked for customers of all sizes, all sorts, with all kinds of needs Our team has been trained in the art of improving search results following the recommendations of industry giants like Google. We won’t ever never use automation and potentially reputation damaging automation or junk comments. Our work is done by hand, going through your entire campaign with the closest attention to detail and perfection. Our utilization of the human brain in the place of automated software is very obvious in the results we deliver and to our customers who have previously been with seo firms who have taken shortcuts with automation.

Our plans are extraordinarily dynamic, adapting to the specific requirements of each customer. No two sites are quite alike, and they don’t rank well in the same exact way. That is what makes us so special – we are dedicated to ensuring your project is handled the proper way. No automation, no spam.

Pricing Plan

Pricing for our SEO plans is based on a flat hourly rate for the time we need to spend. Every element of your SEO campaign requires a certain amount of time for our team to complete, that time is used to calculate the monthly cost. All of our SEO plans are month-to-month, there’s no long-term commitments or contracts. No SEO campaign can get your page to #1 in a matter of days, but we are sure you’ll begin seeing upward movement quickly. That’s why so many of our clients stay with us for life! To launch your SEO campaign, all you have to do is pay the first month bill and answer a couple simple questions about your company and site, then we get to work on your results. This same monthly rate will be billed each subsequent month of our services. From time to time, we may bring you more recommendations for website updates, adding new keywords to your target list, or other SEO and online marketing ideas, and we are available any time for any questions or concerns you have.


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Click the Subscribe button to get your monthly SEO started. After subscribing, you will be taken to a page to enter your contact details. Once these have been entered, we will contact you within 48 hours so we can start your campaign.

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