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We’re Massachusetts Marketing, and we want to get your website traffic. Our team of SEO experts have many years of experience, helping local businesses, charities, and regular people to get their sites found on all major search engines. SEO is a reliable way to get more traffic to your website. Traffic that comes to your site as a result of SEO is targeted, so your visitors show up already interested in the product your website sells, resulting in much better conversion rates than pay-per-click advertising traffic. There are people out there right now searching for precisely what you provide, they just don’t know how to find you yet! We bring these potential customers to your site by figuring out what they’re searching for and getting your website to show up in results for those specific keywords.

Local SEO Package – What’s included:

Advanced Keyword Research

Every SEO campaign must start with with keyword research. In this phase we are investigating the search traffic from keywords related to your business, and comparing it to the competition. This includes strength of competition, amount of competition, and identity of competition. We also identify and analyse everything your competition are doing and are certain to give you the biggest competitive edge.

Ranking Reports

It can be hard to keep track of all of the things that are happening on your website, which is why we make it easy for all of our clients to see what their SEO campaign is achieving. We watch your site for changes and constantly observe the search results as they improve. We distribute reports to our customers to keep them updated, too. We’re proud of the results we give, it’s our pleasure to share that excitement with you too.

Google Analytics

This is powerful tool utilized to keep an eye on your site traffic. It permits us to learn how traffic is finding your site (through links, search results, or if users are typing in the web address), what it does, and how well it’s performing for you. This permits us to tailor our efforts exactly to your web site and progress, giving you the very best results.

Target Keywords: 4

Target keywords are the center of the success of an SEO campaign. Keywords are the term for the words and phrases that real people put into search engines every day. All campaigns receive a thoroughly researched and heavily reviewed list of target keywords which will get you the largest quantity of search traffic which is very targeted and most fitted to convert.

Onsite Recommendations/Changes

A crucial element of SEO, onsite optimization basically means making changes to a few specific things on your site to improve its function and ensure it follows current web standards. This lends authority to your site causing search engines to place more trust in the target site. This is composed of a comprehensive analysis of your web site based primarily on the keywords identified in our research, current web standards for accessibility, and SEO best practices. Our company (when given necessary permissions from the client) will make these necessary changes for you, and supply you with a complete detailed report on the present state of onsite optimization.

Reputation Management

There are a lot of sites a potential customer can find and post reviews for your business on. Massachusetts Marketing will constantly monitor these social media sites for any negative content and report any instances directly to you.

Monthly Reviews Posted

Should the client want to provide a review per month for us to post, we will distribute the review appropriately. Boost your company’s confidence and reputation on the web by letting your satisfied customers be heard!

Articles: 1

We write a completely original article for each of our clients every month. These articles contain well researched content which is utilized to promote your site or brand through keyword targeting, and in-text links. These articles are then published on many online publishers and article repositories.

Blog Posts: 2

All websites should have a blog. Having constant blog posts is crucial to getting your site listings updated frequently in search engine databases. Besides, increasing the amount of quality content on your site or blog is always important! The blog posts we write are always top quality.

RSS Submission

Every piece of content written for your campaign is submitted to several prominent RSS feed sites. This creates a sizable improvement to your back link quantity, as well as increasing the diversity of your link profile.

Content Submissions: 25

Content Submission is the process of publishing new written content related to your keywords on an article site or writing repository. Like all parts, there’s no automation. All submissions are written by hand, promising quality. Additionally, our articles have a near 100% acceptance rate from respected article websites, unlike many marketing firms.

Blog Commenting

We use the keywords from your campaign to add topical comments on blog posts where it is acceptable, including links to grow your link profile. Clients can choose to opt out of this component of link building if they prefer. As with our other written content, blog comments are put together by native English speakers.

Social Bookmarking

Social media plays a major role in any marketing campaign today, and the same is true of any SEO campaign linking to content like blog posts and articles from social bookmarking web sites such as Digg and Reddit. This helps spread awareness and also increases your back link count, along with promoting direct traffic.

Citation Building

Much of SEO today is trust. The more trust a search engine places in your site, the better it will rank. The same goes for local optimization. When search engines like Google see your same address across many citations sites (yellow book, yelp, etc.) it can be assured you’re a real business and that’s your correct information. The more Google can trust you, the better chance your site has for showing up in local searches.

Local Maps Optimization

Especially as smart phones become increasingly popular, the use of web applications such as Google Maps becomes a more common resource for customers looking for a location to shop. With Local Maps Optimization, all your current and verified information is added to these mapping applications so customers find you when searching. This will also increase your credible citations count.

Unlimited Phone/Email Support

We do not put a limit on how much time we spend answering client questions over the phone or email. We’re available regardless, whether you’re a current client, past client, or possible future customer. Feel free to make contact with us by e-mail or phone any time of day, and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

We are one of the top SEO providers in the field. We work with all kinds of websites, from non-profit groups to industry leaders, from independent local companies to inspirational blogs. Our specialists are trained in the best practices of SEO. We don’t ever never use automation or potentially reputation damaging automation or spam. Instead, we do everything by hand, working through your complete campaign with the closest attention to detail and perfection. You can really see the difference that our process makes when you see how our results compare to other SEO companies that have cut corners through automation.

Our plans are extraordinarily dynamic, adapting to the particular needs of each website. No two sites are quite the same, nor do they need the same types of rankings to get good returns on their SEO investment. That’s what separates our company from the rest – we’re dedicated to making sure your project is handled correctly. No spam.

Pricing Information

Pricing for our SEO plans is based off of a flat hourly rate for the time spent. Every portion of your SEO campaign takes some time to complete, the estimated time is used to figure the monthly price. Every SEO plan is month-to-month, there are no contracts or long-term commitments. No SEO company can get your page to #1 overnight, but we’re sure you will start seeing progress within a short period. To begin your SEO campaign, all you have to do is pay the initial month price and answer a couple easy questions from our team, then we get to work on your results. This standard monthly rate will be billed monthly so long as you continue our services. Now and then, our team may bring you recommendations for site updates, adding new keywords to your target list, or other SEO and online marketing ideas, and we are available 24/7 for any questions you may have.


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Click the Subscribe button to get your monthly SEO started. After subscribing, you will be taken to a page to enter your contact details. Once these have been entered, we will contact you within 48 hours so we can start your campaign.

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